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Historic Downtown Maplewood, MO

Shop, Dine, Bowl & Beer

Makers Community

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker!

25+ businesses make and sell their products on-site. Shopping in Maplewood is an experience of taste, smell and touch. Meet the craftspeople and chat with them about their work.  

Uncommon Events

9th Annual Maplewood Coffee Crawl Tickets on Sale Now at Eventbrite!

Saturday, March 24 

Wake-up Call:  Morning Session - 8 AM to 12: 30 PM - Tour information:

The morning session includes these hosts and roasters: • Kakao Chocolate | Roaster: Stringbean Coffee Co.  • Larder and Cupboard | Roaster: Kuva Coffee • Vom Fass | Roaster: Goshen Coffee Company • Reeds American Table | Roaster: Coma Coffee • Traveling Tea, Host and Roaster (Coffee Alternatives) • Strange Donuts | Roaster: Kaldi’s Coffee • Living Room | Roaster: Art House Coffee • Mauhaus Cat Café | Roaster: La Cosecha Coffee Roasters • All Out Nutrition & Wellness | Roaster: Organo.   Order Tickets on Eventbrite - $11 each.

Afternoon Buzz:  Afternoon Session - 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM - Tour information:

The afternoon session includes these hosts and roasters: • Schlafly Bottleworks | Roaster: Kaldi’s Roasting Co.| Mystic Valley | Roaster: Goshen Coffee Company • Tapped | Roaster: Chauvin Coffee Company • Foundation Grounds | Roaster: Blueprint Coffee • Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream | Roaster: Ronnoco Coffee Company • La Cosecha Coffee Roasters | Roaster and Host • Great Harvest Bread Co. | Roaster: La Cosecha Coffee Roasters • Stone Spiral | Roaster: Riley’s Coffee Co. • Pie Oh My! | Roaster: Park Avenue Coffee •  Order Tickets on Eventbrite - $11 each.

Shop, Dine, Bowl & Beer


Historic Downtown Maplewood is home to the Nation's First Green Dining District, restaurants and food purveyors practicing sustainability while serving delicious food.  Dine Al Fresco and enjoy dinner and drinks at award-winning restaurants.


The legendary Saratoga Lanes is over 100 years old and boasts being the oldest bowling alley west of the Mississippi while being a darn good place to still have a great time.  

There is also more entertainment in store for you when you visit Maplewood, including Orbit Pinball Lounge, Mauhaus Cat Cafe & Lounge, and Escape from St. Louis.

One More Word:  Beer

Two Microbreweries!

Schlafly Bottleworks: Take a brewery tour and more. The Schlafly folks offer an array of fun events, including a weekly farmers market Wednesdays from 4-7PM, April through October, on site.  Visit Schlafly on line for more information.

Side Project Brewing: This small brewing company has received international recognition.  Visit them online for hours and events.


Better yet, see us in person!

Enjoy Maplewood

7300 Manchester Ave, Maplewood, Missouri 63143, United States

(314) 646-3607